Q & A in Clovis, CA

When to Rent a 12 or 15 Passenger Van?

A 15-passenger van comes in handy when traveling with a large group–whether you have a big family or are traveling with a sports team to a game. It offers room, comfort and safety.

How to Rent a 12 -15 Passenger Van?

To transport a large number of people, consider renting a 12-15 person passenger van. These vehicles are offered at our rental location and can usually be reserved from a single day to several week

How much would it cost to rent a 15 passenger van for 3 days?

Contact us for a customized quote.

Can a passenger van be rented for family reunions?

Yes! Our 12 passenger transit vans and 15 passenger transit vans is the ideal transportation method to get you and your family where you need to go. Call today and start your reunion off right with the Fresno Rental difference.

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♦Valid Driver’s License
♦Minimum age requirement for van rental is 25 years of age
♦No security deposit

For van rental & leasing policies or more details, contact Chris at 559-324-9114